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Oct 05 2021


9:00 am - 5:00 pm



HAZOP Training for Team Members – A Practical Approach

A Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study is a formal, systematic and detailed examination of new or existing facilities. It focusses on the process, rather than risks from ‘outside the pipe’, which are better analysed using other studies such as HIREC/ HAZID/ HER. A HAZOP assesses the hazard potential, causes and consequences on a facility when there are deviations to the operating conditions, or the manner of operations. Existing safeguards need are reviewed to determine whether they can eliminate the cause or minimise the consequence.

This full day course is designed to educate participants in the HAZOP process from the perspective of a HAZOP team member.

The course is meant to provide both instruction and workshop sessions so that the participants:
+ Are familiar with the concept of ‘risk’
+ Are familiar with the theory behind HAZOP
+ Are familiar with the actual HAZOP workshop process
+ Have expectations as to what the HAZOP will (and won’t provide)
+ Understand what deliverables can be expected from a HAZOP
+ Have the opportunity to participate in HAZOP exercise in a safe environment
+ Opportunity to share HAZOP experiences

At the end of the session, the participants should:
+ Understand the responsibilities of all parties in the HAZOP
+ Have experience in a HAZOP session
+ Understand the outcomes from a HAZOP session

Speaker : Ir Razmahwata Bin Mohamad Razalli

Wata has 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, in both design and operations. He has upstream
and downstream experience in process safety, measurement and allocation, process engineering, offshore technical
support, and is also a training provider. He has conducted Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) and HSE Case workshops, for example HAZID, HAZOP, Hazards & Effects Register (HER), BowTie, safety critical element (SCE) /
performance standard (PS) reviews.

Wata is currently a Director of IGL Services Sdn. Bhd. His current technical roles involve leading technical safety assessments and workshops, measurement and allocation reviews, and providing training on HAZOP, SIL and SIL LOPA methods.


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