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Feb 01 2021


8:30 am - 5:30 pm



RBI Methodology Training

Process equipment is affected by numerous type of materials degradation/damage mechanisms that results in an unacceptable risk and could led to failure. The Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a procedure to systematically assess the risks associated with a loss of containment by utilizing a prioritization methodology that defines equipment risk as the product of the probability of failure and the consequence of failure.

It is performed to optimize existing inspection and maintenance resources to focus them on equipment at greatest risk and is used as part of a complete equipment plan and strategy.

The course is meant to provide both instruction and workshop sessions so that the participants:
+ Are familiar with the principles of RBI.
+ Are familiar with the risk thinking, probability and consequence.
+ Are familiar with the risk matrix, risk limits and their use.
+ Have expectations as to what the RBI workshop will (and won’t) provide.

Speaker – Mohd Rashdan Attan

Rashdan has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries, in construction and engineering design, project management, and maintenance and reliability engineering supporting operation. He was a Certified API510 pressure vessel inspection engineer.

His experience includes managed the development and implementation of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) for asset integrity management strategy and corrosion management plan for upstream (offshore installations) and downstream facilities. He also successfully managed statutory extension/exemption for DOSH inspection (up to 51 month) by using RBI approach for onshore oil and gas terminals and petrochemicals plant.


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